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    Which Topics are Most Difficult & Require More Practice For Bank Exams

    Every year several exams are conducted to recruit employees for the banking sectors by different agencies across the country. A large number of banking aspirants appear for these exams for different posts like Clerk, Accountant, development officer, associates, auditors, sales and marketing officer, probationary officer, and insurance agents.


    The bank exams are not easy to crack and what makes them even tougher is the competition. Every year the number of Banking Aspirants increases which is constantly shooting up the competition. With improper preparation and erroneous strategy clearing these banking exams can sometimes be unattainable.


    There are many topics which are considered difficult by majority of the students and they carry a lot of weightage in the final examination thus students in no way can leave them. Today we will be discussing three such topics from three sections which are widely considered difficult and time consuming by the student community but are very important from exam point of view. In this article, we will be covering Data Interpretation, Reading comprehension and Puzzle and seating arrangement. Make sure you read it whole to know the tips and tricks to ace these topics.


    How to Master Puzzle and Seating Arrangement?

    Puzzle and seating arrangement is one such topic that is very important. It carries almost 10-15 marks in prelims while 15-20 marks in Mains. A student can easily fetch some good marks in this topic by practicing 10 set of puzzles and seating arrangement of prelims level and 2-3 set of mains level. Here are few types of puzzles to ace the exam:


    1. Box based puzzles
    2. Floor/ lift based puzzles
    3. Day/ Month/ Year based puzzles.
    4. Age based puzzles
    5. Puzzles based on categorization.
    6. Puzzles based on comparison. (Based on height, color, marks, age etc)
    7. Puzzles based on Blood Relation.
    8. Designation based (salary, experience etc)
    9. Linear puzzle
    10. Parallel lines puzzles
    11. Circular puzzle
    12. Mix/ Uncertain puzzle


    How to Master The Reading Comprehension?

    Reading Comprehension is one such topic that majorly dominates the English Language section in almost all the coveted exams like SBI, IBPS, etc and hence there is no way you can give it a cold shoulder. You can easily expect approximately 10-15 marks questions from this section in prelims and majority of questions in mains examination. The marks allocated to this topic makes it one of the most important topic. The trick to ace this topic is to start reading newspaper. There is no other way to ace this topic. Reading newspaper will make you comfortable with all type of subjects and will help you to fasten your reading speed and understanding of the passage.


    How To Master Data Interpretation?

    Data Interpretation is the topic that dominates the quantitative aptitude section in both prelims and in mains examination. Approximately 10-15 questions are asked in prelims level while 15-20 questions are asked in Mains examination. Thus there is no way you can sail through the recruitment process of bank without preparing well for this topic.


    Improve Calculation Speed – Go through the arithmetic topics and Learn the Quant formulas of topics like Averages, Allegations, Percentages, Fractions, Speed, Time & Distance, Mensuration, Geometry etc by heart and then start solving questions to learn the application of the formula. Once you will understand the type and application of the formula, you will start solving it in lesser time.


    Learn the Basics- Here, basics are tables, square root, square cubes. A banking aspirant is expected to learn all these till 25. It will save you a lot of time.


    Practice- This is the key to ace all the topics given above. Give daily quizzes and mocks to learn them and understand them better.


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