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    Tips to Improve UPSC Preparation Strategy

    Here is a list of tips and insights on how an aspirant can improve the preparation strategy for the UPSC Exam.

    1. Get to know the exam pattern better and understand the needs and expectations of the UPSC Exam at three different levels. The preparation strategy for the UPSC Exam would vary from level to level. For instance, the prelims level of the exam tests the knowledge as well as the analytical skills of the candidates. Whereas, in the mains level, descriptive knowledge about each topic of the syllabus is necessary, which might not be useful in the Preliminary level.
    2. Reading the newspaper on a daily basis will give an edge to your UPSC strategy in comparison to those candidates who don’t regularly follow the news updates.
    3. Develop the knowledge base from the basics. The sources for the basics are the NCERT Books.
    4. Solve a lot of MCQ type of questions subject-wise and figure out the strengths and weaknesses. One of the important strategies of IAS preparation is to strengthen the strong areas and keep working on the weaker areas.
    5. UPSC Notes Making is an Art because of the vastness of the syllabus. The notes ultimately become very unclear and unorganised because of the large volume of the notes made. Also, the candidates should not waste a lot of time in making notes for each and everything. It is a better UPSC strategy if the notes are well-organised, otherwise, the revision will again take a lot of time.
    6. One last tip to improve your UPSC Strategy – Consistency is the key to Success – Treat every day as the same and prepare with the same dedication and level of commitment.

    Step-by-Step UPSC Preparation Tips For IAS Exam

    Step 1: Know the exam well

    Step 2: Strengthen your foundation

    Step 3: Upgrade Your Knowledge

    Step 4: Practice Answer-Writing

    Step 5: Mock-Test Based Learning/March Towards Prelims


    Now let us look at each of these steps comprehensively:

    Step 1: Know the exam well

    Before preparing for any exam, it is important to know the nitty-gritty of the exam well enough.

    1. Read through the notification of the UPSC exam carefully in order to acquaint yourself with the exam syllabus, exam pattern, exam timeline, and eligibility criteria.
    2. Once you’re through that, pick up the previous year papers and skim through them to get an understanding of what is actually asked in the exam.
    3. If you give a dedicated amount of time to do this exercise, you will save a considerable amount of time through your preparation journey!
    4. Alternatively, you can glance through the articles on our website to get comprehensive information about what the exam is! At this time, you should also start reading the newspaper.

    Step 2: Strengthen your foundation

    No matter what your background is, you need to understand the basics of the core subjects of the UPSC syllabus.

    1. Hence, refer to NCERTs, they can be downloaded from the official website of NCERT for free.
    2. Read them at least twice before making notes, and then read our NCERT compilations.

    Step 3: Upgrade Your Knowledge with standard books

    Once you have read all the NCERTs, it’s time to expand your knowledge by reading the standard books. .

    1. Read the books at least twice and then make your handwritten notes to be used for answer-writing practice at the later stage!
    2. You can also watch video lectures on our YouTube channel for important topics to supplement your knowledge.

    Step 4: Practice Answer Writing + Revision

    Answer-writing practice and revision play an important role in the entire scheme of UPSC preparation, especially for the UPSC Mains Exam.

    1. Once you have completed a subject from the NCERT as well as standard books, then you can start practising answer-writing.
    2. Before that, it will be a futile exercise as you will have to depend on books for the content of the answer.
    3. At this stage, it is also important to incorporate consistent revision. You should keep your weekends free for a dedicated revision of whatever new you’ve learned during the week.

    Step 5: Mock-Test Based Learning Approach

    Two months before the prelims exam, you should incorporate a mock test-based learning approach. It will give you an exam feel. Once you get acclimatized, it will reduce exam-time stress.

    1. Sit for an actual exam-like mock test at the same time and then analyze your performance.
    2. Check your weak areas and brush up on the concepts that you may have missed.
    3. It will not only help you in anxiety management during the actual exam but will also prepare you extremely well for the exam!

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