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    Steps to prepare the law entrance exam

    Steps to prepare the law entrance exam

    1. Read newspaper daily:-

    Beginning with the basic step for law exam preparation a candidate has to be aware of all events happening around him. This basic awareness in a candidate is quintessential, as this awareness will be tested in two separate categories of general knowledge and current affairs. Keeping this in mind, a candidate must regularly read newspaper, which is the foremost source to brush up current affairs and also enhance their general knowledge. Through a newspaper a candidate can improve and add to his knowledge both.


    1. Read and watch general knowledge content:-

    Secondly a candidate can purchase specific books which publish material solely about current affairs and general knowledge. Watching debates is another way of brushing up current affairs. By studying in this manner, topics of current affairs and general knowledge can be prepared thoroughly.


    1. Read English books and newspaper to improve english language skills:-

    In a law entrance test next important topic is English, the source of honing this language is the newspaper. Newspaper is an absolutely wonderful source of improving one’s command over the language. Self-help books containing simple and easy tips for preparing English can help. English books of elementary classes can help in revising the basic topics. A candidate can use these books for revising the topics and also simultaneously for practicing the same.


    1. Prepare maths from elementary books:-

    By now it is clear that preparation for law entrance test is not just restricted to law and hence the next topic to be prepared by an aspiring law student is mathematics and the questions here are based on various topics covered by a student in class 10th. For maths, practice is the key. Also while preparing for the law entrance tests, practicing questions within the stipulated time frame is important as it will help candidates to maintain speed while solving these questions. The more a candidate practices questions of different types the more he will get the clarity and confidence of solving those questions. Topics such as speed and distance, ratio, average are commonly asked.


    1. Constant practice the logical and analytical section questions:- 

    Logical and analytical aptitude is another area in the law entrance test which requires constant practice. The questions asked in this area are varied and a candidate must practice and brace himself for all sort of questions.


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