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    Prepare yourself for overseas education

    Prepare yourself for overseas education

    Moving to a foreign land alone is one of the tough decisions for a student. On top of it, keeping up with so many applications, deadlines, and arrangements, makes things hectic and overwhelming, especially for the students going overseas for the first time. A little slip in the process, and you might end up wasting a whole session.

    Make sure you don’t go through this trouble ever. Follow this chronological list to prepare well and reach your next study destination without much hassle.


    Let’s start!


    Look for study programs of the universities:

    If you are planning to go abroad, it’s imperative to research the education programs that have been offered in various universities. Like some universities offer in-house International study programs, and some do not. Talk to your friends or relatives who have opted for abroad studies and take their opinions and suggestions or connect with your overseas education consultants to get detail about the different programs, fee structures, best universities, program duration, and more. Research in advance so you don’t miss the opportunity because of the deadlines.


    Clear Your Language Proficiency Test:

    International English speaking students who want to apply for a program taught in English will be required to prove their proficiency in the form of a test. Some of the proficiency assessment tests are TOEFL, IELTS, PTE. Students opting for foreign language programs may also need to present proof of proficiency.


    Apply for Passport

    If you don’t have a passport, you need to make sure to have it in hand as soon as possible. Students who have it must check its expiry date until 6 months upon return after course completion.


    Choose your study program and apply for scholarships or loans(if any)

    Give a thought on where & which course meets your interest and career goals. Keep a tab on the deadline so you will not miss out on anything. Earlier the better, as most universities entertain first applicants.

    Furthermore, you have to make sure the financial aids are with you. Going abroad and studying is an expensive dream. So you may need financial support in the form of loans or scholarships. Apply for these as soon as possible.


    Get on to your Visa application process: Students who wish to study abroad know the value of Visa and overwhelming its application process can be with all the paperwork & interviews. Most countries ask for a student visa. Thus, the application process may differ. The usual process may include online application submission, an interview at the local embassy of the country you are aiming to study, and some paperwork formalities. Talk to your overseas education consultants to get a better idea about the visa application process.


    Opt for Students Insurance Plan

    You may need during the Visa process that you are covered for medical bills while staying abroad. Besides, your primary insurance or university may not offer medical cover abroad, so it is better to prepare for future situations.


    Evaluate Places for your stay:

    You may choose to stay on campus, off-campus, or as a paying guest. The pros of staying on campus are, there are no community hassles besides you get to live near the college and the facilities offered. If you wish to live an independent life, opt for an off-campus stay. But, make sure to research well and complete the documentation process. So you don’t fall into the trap of scams. Living as a paying guest has other merits like you will get to understand the culture and nuances from an order eye.

    But, above all, consider your budget and how much you would like to spend on your stay. You will be there for a longer duration, so the place should be comfortable and in the vicinity of necessities, and most importantly, doesn’t break your bank.


    Book Your Tickets

    Finally, after a whole lot of tedious work, it’s time to grab your phone/laptop and book your flight. Overseas flights are a little affordable when you book them in advance, at least before 3-4 months or even early. Remember, the further you delay, the more you have to pay.


    Plan your budget & Apply for a Credit card (if you don’t have it)

    We all know studying overseas is more expensive than one can imagine, so planning is necessary right from your tuition fee, accommodation to your trip & daily expenses take all the things into account and prepare a budget.


    Register Your Trip to the local US Embassy

    If you are planning to study in the US, make sure to register for their STEP. The program aims to provide safety and security to travellers no matter where they are. You might get alerts related to emergencies, weather conditions, & others.


    Other processes include medical checkups to ensure good health before you travel, establishing a smooth communication way, learning & understanding the destination country’s culture & language, currency conversion, packing, and more. Hope you got a little idea about the preparation and process you will go to ensure your dream of studying overseas. Ready to take your career heights to the next level? We at Vision International, overseas education agents in Mumbai, offer counseling, guidance to students, right from application to visa process absolutely free, making them prepared more than ever.


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