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    IBOP Academy Classes

    Offline Courses by Top Faculties 

    If you are looking for online classes and personal mentorship for UPSC Civil Services Exam, Join IBOP Academy.

    IBOP Academy involve expert guidance from top which will help you learn fast and focused.

    Special focus to boost UPSC CSE Preliminary exam marks.

    For those aspirants who are looking for 1-Year long foundation programs, IBOP Academy IAS offers Prelims cum Mains (PCM) Integrated Programs.

    A mega package that includes almost all products/services necessary for you to crack UPSC CSE like:

    This is the flagship program of IBOP Academy which involves live classes and recorded classes.

    You will also get many products and services for free upon joining the IBOP Academy like:

    1. Personal Mentorship
    2. Mock Test
    3. Textbooks and Study Materials
    4. Mains Test Series
    5. Mains Answer Writing Practise (AWP) Sessions
    6. Interview Guidance etc.

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