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    How to Prepare for UPSC 2023 with IBOP Academy

    How to crack UPSC is one of the most frequently asked questions by any UPSC aspirants. Union Public Service Commission conducts the Civil Service Examination (CSE) to recruit suitable candidates for IAS, IPS, IFS, and other related services. UPSC gives 6 attempts to crack the IAS Exam for General category candidates. Therefore, every candidate aims to crack the UPSC Exam on the first attempt. Most aspirants wonder about How to crack UPSC in first attempt or ‘How to prepare for IAS’!


    One of the biggest challenges a candidate’s face is keeping the preparation on the right track. As per statistics, lakhs of candidates apply for the UPSC IAS Exam every year, out of which only thousands make it to the Mains exam and thereafter for the Interview. To crack the IAS Exam, you must have firm determination, perseverance, and consistency to qualify for each stage. In this article, we have tried to answer how to crack UPSC in first attempt in an extremely comprehensive way.


    Strategy to Crack UPSC in First Attempt

    To crack UPSC in first attempt, candidates must carefully read the basic NCERT Books from Class 6th to 12th level. We will provide you with some of the sure-shot strategies you need to follow. Well, that’s UPSC’s prep strategy! The strategies are curated by the experts to assist the aspirants in scoring well in the exam:


    Clear your Basics

    As a candidate, it is very important that one must be clear with the basics. The basics lay the foundation of the subject. It is always advised to get a hand with the detailed UPSC syllabus before starting the preparation. Limited resources with exhaustive revision play a crucial role in the selection for the IAS exam.


    Key Focus Areas for IAS Preparation

    Is it possible to crack UPSC in one year? Yes, it is. You can master your IAS preparation by focussing on the key areas of the exam syllabus. Following some basic tips can guide an aspirant in achieving the task.

    Some vital points to focus on for IAS preparation include:

    1.      CURRENT AFFAIRS:

    Candidates are advised to read the newspaper periodically to keep themselves updated about their surroundings. This practice can be done through visiting several websites, reading current affairs magazines and stuff, etc. Downloading mobile applications will help to get daily updates. These are some of the ways to keep oneself abreast of the country’s contemporary issues and situations.


    2.      MOCK TESTS:

    Previous year’s questions papers and sample papers are the most reliable and authenticated source to get an idea of the paper. Solving different kinds of papers teaches a candidate to manage their time efficiently by giving a glimpse of the paper’s pattern and difficulty level. These mock tests act as a benchmark to test one’s understanding and boost preparation.



    Making notes and writing down important points are some of the good habits that will help the candidate to have a quick recap and help in memorization, and easy revision before the examination. These notes are the summarized form of the syllabus that acts as a last-minute savior for a candidate. Candidates can have a look at them at any time before the examination. It is a good revision tactic.


    4.      REVISION:

    Revision is not an activity that a candidate is advised to do just before the examination. It is something that is expected the whole year from the aspirant. From the first day of the preparation, an individual should get into this practice and make it a habit. Whatever is studied should be revised at the end of the day, and even on the following days to maintain the flow.


    5.      PROPER SLEEP:

    Apart from studies and a consistent timetable, candidates should take care of their sleeping schedule. Also, one should note that sleeping deprivation takes a person nowhere. Proper sleep is very essential to keep your mind fresh and open to absorption. Sleeping is a must to boost energy and concentration.

    Read more about UPSC IAS Exam Notifications, Syllabus, and more.


    Bonus Tips– How to Crack UPSC

    1. Tips on how to crack UPSC exam– Make significant use of the internet; the goal is to gather knowledge, whether through books or the internet. Examine the question papers from the previous 5 yrs to get a sense of the range and depth of questions that UPSC often asks.
    2. To pass the aptitude test, one must practice extensively and be familiar with the UPSC CSAT Syllabus. Comprehension, logical reasoning, mental ability, etc are common in aptitude exams. It is critical to maintaining your health at all times. Every night, you should get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Ensure that you do not oversleep at the same time.
    3. A well-balanced diet ensures that the proper foods are consumed in the right amounts. A healthy body equates to a sharp mind. Exercise is beneficial not just to your body but also to your mind, attitude, and mood. You will be able to crack your UPSC exam in this manner.


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