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    Confused with your career? Career Counselling is all you need

    Confused with your career? Career Counselling is all you need

    In the past few decades, there has been an increasing trend of quitting jobs midway. The reason, in most cases, has turned out to be lack of Job Satisfaction as a result of uninformed career choices made.  This mounting dissatisfaction amongst the professionals poses a very pertinent question: whether this rising discontentment has its source in the past or is it a curse of modernization?


    It is true that modernization has played its part in flooding the market with numerous job opportunities which sometimes lead to greater confusion in the minds of the job seekers. Conversely, the lack of career choices in the yesteryears urged many to live with the displeasure. Parents’ intervention in making career decisions has more often than not pestled dreams, making matters worse.


    Besides, the rising exasperation with every wrong choice made further evokes the desire to seek redressal. When somebody is stuck in a dead-end career, he would fall prey to the idea of doing a Masters. But the point is whether this is really going to make any difference. If not, then what about the huge investment made and the time lost? And there are agencies that bag such opportunities to fish in the troubled water.


    Such trying times call for the structured and unbiased outlook of a trained career counsellor. People who can help others navigate crossroads in their lives by a logical evaluation of the scenario.


    Here’s how a career counsellor may come to your rescue:


    1. A career counsellor makes a client go through an intense session of learning about his situation, his experiences, strengths and weaknesses so that he could be guided to pursue the career that fits his interest, personality and skills.


    1. People are often forced to make the wrong choices. This automatically leads to a lack of interest due to the absence of relevant skills. Moreover, the person fails to imbibe the skills. So this brings them to a standstill. A career counsellor would devise a complete road map to make sure that the next 5-10 years becomes the smooth sea.


    1. The mid-career crisis is one of the worst curses in our society. At this juncture, you are in a position where you can neither continue nor stick to your job. It is best to consult a trained career counsellor who would outline all the possible career paths you could still explore. You can now make better use of your past experiences now that the career worries are sorted.


    1. Under such frustrating situations, the boost in morale and confidence becomes essential. Who does it better than career counsellors!! By making you look at the positive side of the scenario by highlighting the skills and interest you excel in.


    1. Sound knowledge of the existing industries enables a counsellor to cater well to the needs of the clients. An efficient counsellor unlocks the sea of opportunities. He also ensures that a client acquires the necessary skills to not only sustain but flourish in the tides of change.


    1. Moreover, the professional stress that someone undergoes has a lot of unpleasant effects on the person.  A career counsellor shoulders the onus of infusing positivity and lifts him up when he hits an all-time low and takes to unhealthy practices.


    1. When you have a road map before you and all set to imbibe the necessary skills to polish yourself further, you would have a good network in place. Once it’s done, there can be no delay in reaping desirable results.


    Career Counsellors have yet not been able to reach a wide section of people who choose to seek advice from peers and not from the professional advisers.  Leading platforms like Edumilestones take the initiative to create awareness and it becomes a huge responsibility since there’s a lack of qualified career counsellors in the society. Nobody would welcome the idea of coming back to square one. So that extra mile needs to be traversed to prevent undesirable thought patterns to percolate deep into the minds.


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