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    CDS Preparation Tips

    CDS (I) and (II) Preparation Tips


    CDS Preparation Tips: Solving Previous Years Sample Papers

    Candidates must solve more question papers of previous years. This will help you in getting an idea about the exam pattern, type of questions, weightage given to topics.

    1. Helps you in managing the time.
    2. Gives the feel of real paper.
    3. Take mocks tests by setting up the timers in your watch.


    CDS Preparation Tips: Important Points to Remember

    To prepare for the CDS exam, a candidate must be willing to work hard physically as well as mentally. Candidates must own proper UPSC study material, like previous years’ papers, preparation books, topic-wise notes, etc. After acquiring the relevant study material, the candidates can follow the following tips to improve their chances of getting selected:

    1. Get yourself printed copies of the exam pattern, syllabus, and previous year’s question papers.
    2. Your basic concepts rather than cramming the formulas must be clear at the beginning of your preparation days.
    3. By analyzing the previous year’s question papers, candidates need to focus on the important topics which carry maximum marks in each exam.
    4. Develop a reading habit. Reading different sorts of media, like magazines, newspapers, blogs, notes, etc. helps to enhance the vocabulary as well as the understanding of practical English.
    5. Make a list of all the new words and their meanings. Try and use the words in the list in different scenarios and sentences.
    6. Take online mock tests to improve the answering ability.
    7. Read newspapers, news blogs, watch the news, etc. daily to be in touch with the latest happenings in all sectors of the world. Try to keep the material vast.
    8. Make notes of every important date, name, or event you come across.
    9. Many mock tests can help a candidate with GK preparations.
    10. Make a list of all the important formulas, theorems, identities, etc., and revise them daily.
    11. Try to solve questions with variety to learn the proper use of theorems and identities.
    12. Enrol in an online mock test series.


    CDS Preparation Tips for Personal Interview

    After clearing the CDS test, the candidates have to face the personal interview conducted by SSB. The SSB Interview tests the candidate’s intelligence, personality, and ability to hold ranks with the Officers in the Defense Forces. There are several components of the interview, like Psychological Tests, Group Discussion, Intelligence Tests, Outdoor activities, Opinion on issues, Physical Fitness, etc. Here are some tips to clear the interview:

    1. Stay confident. It is natural to be nervous or anxious, but a candidate must be able to express his/her thoughts as beautifully as possible.
    2. A well-honed communication skill is crucial, as the thoughts can be expressed in better and more suitable words.
    3. Be updated and in touch with the latest and interesting happenings around the globe.
    4. Think before you speak and act like you are already an Officer.
    5. It is imperative to be respectful and humble.


    Last-Minute Tips Preparation Tips for CDS Exam

    The following steps may help candidates to plan and prepare in that time:

    1. Make small and useful notes. The notes should be to the point and should act as a summary of what has been studied.
    2. Although the last weeks can be a chaotic time, a calm and planned approach is all that is needed.
    3. Time management is crucial. The CDS exam is a time-based exam that gives candidates about a minute to attempt each question. Not only the knowledge, but swiftness in using that knowledge is important.
    4. The exam has negative markings for each incorrect answer. So, guesswork should be avoided.
    5. Taking an online mock test is helpful.


    The few weeks before the exam are crucial as that is the time to revise all that you have studied, without cramming up all the knowledge. So make an effective preparation strategy to enhance your chances of selection.


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